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Terms and Privacy

Welcome to RIPN! This page explains the terms by which you may use this service.

If you have any questions in regards to our terms or privacy policies, we gladly recieve inquries at [email protected]

1. Accepting these terms

By accessing and using any part of RIPN, you are agreeing that you are entering a legally binding aggrement with RIPN (owned by Hi, a danish company), and by using our services you agree to these terms. If you do not agree to all terms and privacy conditions, you may not access the service.

2. Changes to these terms

We reserve the rights to change these terms and privacy conditions from time to time, so make sure to visit these terms and privacy conditions from periodically.

3. Licence agreement

RIPN grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable License to access and use the Service.

However, you are not allowed to:

  • Use any data mining, page scraping, robots or similar data gathering methods of any portion of the service.

  • Reverse engineer RIPN to create a competitive product.

  • Copy or use the design, text, graphics, trademarks and so on of RIPN.

4. Privacy Policy

When you use this service you share some information with us.

4.1 Information we collect

When using our service we collect information anonymously about how it is being used with the sole purpose of enhancing the experience of RIPN for you and for everyone else. To do this we collect information about:

  • Which channels, shows, videos etc. are being watched.

  • Device information like, what hardware, screen size, operating system, browser.

  • Navigational patterns, from where the site was navigated to and from

  • Locational information like, IP adress to determine where in the world users of our product are living in the world.

4.2 Third-party services

We use an embedded youtube player and analytics services from Google. These services can collect data as if you where to visit any of Googles products. See Google's privacy policy for more information